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Our team has put together some resources, including how-to’s, forms and online tools to help you to navigate through your foreign exchange experience.

Compliance and Security Resources

Forms and information to ensure your application is legally compliant including information on acceptable identification, exposure declarations, and corporate and not-for-profit documentation.

Compliance Resources

Acceptable Identification
Non Face-to-Face Identification
Politically Exposed Domestic Person
Politically Exposed Foreign Person

Security Resources

Beneficial Ownership Confirmation
Corporate Additional Authorized User
Dual Authorization Set-up Form
Individual Information Access Authorization
New Director: Continued Relationship Form
Not-for-Profit Additional Documentation

Educational Resources

In this section you will find fact sheets, a glossary and “how to” guide for booking an online deal.

Fact Sheets

Forward Contract Fact Sheet
Market Bid Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions


Glossary of Terms


How to Book an Online Deal

Detailed Online Booking Reference
Quick Online Booking Reference

Online Tools

Access quick links to open an account, log in to our online trading platform or sign up for a free e-Courier guest account to securely exchange files and messages with us.

Online Platform Login
Open an Account

Payment Resources

Includes a list of currencies we work with and forms required to process payments.

ACH Debit Authorization

Authorization Agreement for Direct Payments

Currency List

Incoming and Outgoing Currencies offered by Payline

Pre-Authorized Debit Forms

Business Pre-Authorized Debit
Personal Pre-Authorized Debit

Wiring Forms

Business Incoming
Business Outgoing
Individual Incoming
Individual Outgoing


Privacy Statement

Learn why we collect information from you, how we use it and the steps we are taking to ensure your privacy is protected. Read our Privacy Statement.

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