Because Payline cares about protecting your sensitive information and complying with electronic privacy laws, we encourage you to use your free e-Courier guest account to securely exchange files and messages with us. e-Courier (www.e-courier.ca) is a Canadian Secure E-mail Provider with all of its servers and personnel located in Canada.Unlike unencrypted e-mail which is equivalent to sending a postcard through the Internet, e-Courier encrypts your messages and files when it is transmitted over the Internet and when it is stored on their servers. Encryption prevents your sensitive information from being compromised. The lack of encryption was the primary reason that companies such as Home Depot and Target recently suffered serious data breaches.

Your e-Courier account is analogous to having your own safety deposit box which requires a key to open it. The key is your password. The password protects unauthorized access to your deposit box. File sharing services that do not require your password to upload or download your files are no more secure then e-mail which make them highly susceptible to a data breach. If a password is not required, it is very easy for a hacker who has access to your e-mail to masquerade that they are you, by virtue of using your e-mail address to send or pickup sensitive information from an unsuspecting target, with the goal to commit virtual identity theft. All it takes is a hacker to get access to your SIN number, address, birthdate or credit card number for this to happen. Virtual identity theft is on the rise and can have devastating consequences for you. This is why we recommend the use of passwords. If you forget your password we or e-Courier support personnel can reset it.

If you do not already have an e-Courier account please fill in the details above in order to notify our team that you would like a free account set up. We will notify you with a welcome email that we have created your account.

We strongly encourage you to use your free secure e-Courier account to exchange sensitive information with us to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your information. For more information about e-Courier security considerations please visit their website http://www.e-courier.ca.

Please email us if you would like to be set up with an e-Courier secure access with Payline, offering our clients secure document sharing.

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