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Payline is an international payments and foreign exchange broker that was created with a simple goal – to make it easier, more affordable and less stressful for clients to move their money where they need it to go. We offer the customer service and individual attention of a boutique brokerage firm with the expertise and knowledge that comes with more than two decades in the foreign exchange industry. 

We use our specialized expertise and efficient, proven systems to craft customized solutions for our clients that includes international payment solutions and full-service foreign exchange services. We utilize leading edge technologies and a sophisticated global network to deliver an array of foreign-exchange products and services, ranging from simple spot transactions to forward contracts to manage risk and add efficiencies. Whether you’re planning a trip abroad, maintaining a residence in another country with recurring bills, or running a business that needs to import and export goods and services, we can help. 

Our story

Canadian based, globally connected

We’re headquartered in Victoria, BC but we work all over the world, with all major currencies. Everything we do is done with integrity, transparency and a commitment to protecting our clients and their money. Because we are Canadian-based, we operate under the strict regulations of FINTRAC, one of the most respected financial intelligence agencies in the world. We pride ourselves on our thorough compliance regimen and diligence, and do everything to ensure we’re not party to money laundering, terrorist financing or involvement with the proceeds of crime.

Extraordinary service and ethical expertise

In operation since 2004, our growth is a testament to an outstanding level of service and knowledge. Payline’s team have spent many years in this specialized industry and possess the expertise to serve our client’s individualized and evolving needs. Many of our clients have been with us from the start, and regularly refer us to their personal and business network. We are particularly adept at providing solutions for the foreign real estate market, vehicle and boat imports, the equestrian industry, individuals working abroad as well as an extensive corporate clientele spanning international import and export.

Our stakeholders share a commitment to best business practices and the importance of business ethics and responsible philosophies. We place great importance on being good corporate citizens and contributing to the world in a positive way while operating sustainably.


What we do

Payline delivers a full array of foreign-exchange products and services, both online and through our regional representatives located across Western Canada. Our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction and customized payment solutions. full-service foreign exchange, leading edge technologies and a sophisticated global network that meets the varying needs of our clients.

Our team of industry experts and account managers work with both Individual Clients and Corporate Clients, offering personalized service and access to our intuitive ONLINE PAYMENT SYSTEM. Our secure, easy-to-use system allows customers to monitor, manage and execute transactions from the convenience of their home or office, 24/7.

Our extensive range of products and services include:

  • Online Foreign Exchange and International Payment System
  • International Wires
  • Electronic Fund Transfers
  • Batch Payment Capabilities
  • Forward Contracts
  • Market Orders and Market Watch Services
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • Dual Authorization Capabilities
  • Convenient Settlement Methods
  • Email Notifications to Stakeholders and Vendors
  • 24 Hour Access to Account Balances and Transaction History
  • Access to Print Historic Receipts

What we don't do

As outlined in our What we do section, we are proud to specialize in all aspects of foreign exchange and international payment services. We can also tell you with great pride, what we don’t do.

We don’t behave like a large, impersonal institution that views customers as just another account. Our clients don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions. As local, Canadian-owned international payment specialists we provide tailored services that reflect our client’s individual needs and priorities.

We don’t pad our profits with hidden fees and service charges. We do not charge hefty fees for transactions and we guarantee that we save our customers time and money. We have developed a sustainable business model which is built on fair, competitive prices. The cornerstone of our philosophy at Payline by ICE is that exceptional service should not come with heavy service charges.

We don’t operate as generalists with an expansive list of generic services. We are foreign exchange and international payment specialists and industry experts. That means we’re not providing mortgages or loans or offering investment services or insurance. International payments is what we do, and we have decades of experience doing it extremely well. Foreign exchange and international payment is our focus, which means we know how to craft solutions that truly meet client needs. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of current issues and trends ensures our clients receive advice and solutions that are relevant and nimble. 

Community involvement

We know that being part of the community isn’t just about operating your business there. Our team is as committed to giving back to our communities as we are to giving our clients the best solutions. We live where we work and care deeply about the places we call home.

We are proud to participate in and contribute to many important fundraising initiatives, supporting organizations and charities such as:

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