With relationships stemming from both having branches in Canmore, Alberta, Payline and Bow Valley Credit Union have enjoyed a beneficial partnership since 2008.  Payline provides foreign exchange services and international payments to BVCU members at preferred rates and also utilizes this relationship to be able to streamline the sign-up process.  This gives BVCU members access to wiring funds in over 140 currencies or receiving funds in upwards of 50 unique currencies, and does so by utilizing their existing banking relationships.  

These services allow for online access with the convenience of transacting from home, office, or even on most smartphones or tablets by leveraging Payline’s easy to use platform.  Services are also available by phone, or even in person at our Canmore branch.  If you can’t make it into the branch, make arrangements with Payline’s professional staff to come to you at your place of business.

When Payline comes across clients that are moving to the region and utilizing our services to convert their assets to CAD, we are all too happy to make introductions into Bow Valley Credit Union to set up banking relationships.  Clients benefit from the personalized service, the familiarity with Payline staff and services, and of course, 100% insured accounts beyond that of normal CDIC levels.

Contact bowvalleycu@paylinefx.ca for more information or call 1.888.989.4636 if you wish to inquire about services or get an exchange rate quote.

For Banff and Canmore customers, contact Ken Fukami (kfukami@payinefx.ca) at 403.621.1037.

To download an Application form, click here.

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