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Payline offers the tools and services required to effortlessly manage our international payments and currency. Their customer service is friendly, approachable and, most importantly, ensures we receive cost-saving FX solutions relevant to our business.

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Business isn’t restricted by borders or time zones. Your money shouldn’t be either. Payline’s secure, web-based foreign exchange and payments platform helps your money go where it needs to go to keep your business moving. 

Need to buy Euros to send to a vendor in Italy? Or pay an invoice in USD to get a shipment moving? Our platform lets you buy the currency online, input the payment instructions or select from previously paid vendors – all from the comfort of your own desktop and at no additional cost.

Here are just some of the time-saving benefits:

  • Real-time Rates Live exchange rate quotes at the click of a button.
  • Record-keeping Around the clock access to receipts and records of your transaction history.
  • Online Platform  Make transactions at your convenience. And no standing in bank line-ups!
  • Batch Payments Time-saving batch payment function makes paying multiple vendors simple and easy.

International Payments

Quick, reliable and secure payment expertise in all major – and even exotic – currencies. Plus you’ll save on service charges and bank fees.

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Multi-currency accounts

Payline has bank accounts around the world, which allows your customers to pay you in their own currency. You never have to think about pricing or currency fluctuations, because we do it for you.

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Risk mitigation

Protect your business from market volatility. We’ll work with you to craft solutions that fit your risk tolerance level.

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