Welcome to the new website and rebrand of Payline!

Payline is excited to announce our new branding logos and website!

It has been well over 10 years since we last touched our website as Payline by ICE.  Through recent years many businesses have had to assess all aspects of who they are and how they connect with customers.  Payline took a hard look at the current website and said, we need a change! And so we did!

Payline has benefitted greatly over the past decade from a partnership with ICE – International Currency Exchange.  That partnership formally ended in 2019 but both sides have continued to collaborate and support each other.  We feel the time is right to change our branding from Payline by ICE to just simply Payline and lean into our past, present and future as a provider to Canadian businesses and individuals.

We’ve updated and streamlined some of our processes and did a whole product rebrand as Payline, so welcome to our new rebranding launch as Payline! We hope that you enjoy our new website as much as we do!

How does this affect the clients of Payline? Is there anything that you need to do?

With these changes, our website has changed, from www.paylinebyice.com to www.paylinefx.ca.  Email addresses of our staff have changed from xxx@paylinebyice.com to xxx@paylinefx.ca, though you’ll still see confirmation emails from paylinebyice.com in the interim and continue to access our online trading system through onlinedealing.paylinebyice.com.  We are a wholly Canadian owned and operated company and proud to use the .ca website and emails!

Although our rebranding shows a much sleeker look and feel, our commitment to high service levels remains the same. The same staff are here to assist, same ability to help with your global payments and international wires, same phone numbers to reach us at! Just keep on the lookout for emails from the staff of Payline, as there are some changes to our contact emails.  Don’t be alarmed if you receive an email from one of the staff as xxx@paylinefx.ca, it is still your same contact person at Payline reaching out to you! If you have any questions about an email  from one of the staff at Payline, you are welcome to give us a call to confirm!

There is nothing that current clients need to do with these new changes, just be aware of our email address changes and add our new emails to your contact lists.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and thank you for continuing to be a part of Payline.