Multi-Currency Accounts

Payline has bank accounts all around the world, which means we can help you seamlessly send and receive funds internationally. Whether you’re traveling or working in another country, or you’re a business with customers and vendors across the world, we can help you pay – and get paid – in multiple foreign currencies.

For example, if you’re a business and you have a customer who wants to pay you in Australian dollars, or a vendor sending you a rebate in Euros, Payline can help them pay you in their own currency, while helping to mitigate risk with pricing and currency rate fluctuations.

In addition, you benefit from the flexibility of being able to hold different currencies with Payline until you need them. When receiving funds, such as payment from a client or wages from an employer, you have the option of converting immediately, holding until the exchange rate improves, or holding the funds and sending them back out at a later date.

Your account balances and history of transactions in any and all currencies are conveniently available online 24 hours a day.



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