Payline is proud to partner with IPBC, the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, as the power behind their incoming and outgoing international payments.  In 2014, Payline by ICE was a first time sponsor of the IPBC annual conference, and is thrilled to once again be a sponsor for this year’s conference. In addition to being a proud sponsor, Payline has formed a partnership with IPBC to power the international payments for their events. We’d love to tell you about it, but even better, let’s let IPBC’s Leslee Tapela tell you herself.

IPBC & Payline, Case Study | IPBC goes international – September 2015

International participation in this year’s conference is larger than ever before, and the IPBC couldn’t be happier to have so many great exhibitors lined up for the attendees.  It gives us an ideal opportunity to try out the services of a repeat exhibitor ourselves, Payline by ICE.  Payline offers our members exactly the services that we, as the conference organizers needed – international payments made easy. The IPBC and Payline by ICE struck up a relationship which offers our exhibitors international money transfers to IPBC to make their payments in a timely, easy-to-use and cost-effective fashion. Our international participants could pay for their participation from their foreign accounts, and the funds were deposited into the IPBC Canadian bank account. Payline took care of the details, and I could confidently return to the primary focus of the job at hand – putting together the best IPBC conference for our members yet! I see a great future for IPBC events, where international payments will continue to be powered by Payline. Just think of the possibilities this opens up for organizations from around the world to showcase their offerings to our members. And the added benefit? I can now attest to how Payline’s services and products could be beneficial to you (our member), expanding your value-added services to your clientele without any additional effort on your part! Feel free to visit the crew from Payline to find out how they can help you like they helped me!

                                                    Leslee Tapella,  IPBC Manager Member Services