As a U.S. resident earning income in Canada, exchanging currencies is a regular part of my job and life. Paul Rechner and the Payline by ICE service has been a huge assist to what used to be an inefficient and time consuming task. Paul proves he cares about his clients by being proactive in sharing his expertise of leading economic indicators and potential currency fluctuations. He also offers several different tools for cost-certainty in exchange, all of which give individuals flexibility in how they manage funds. This service has been one of the most beneficial I’ve come across in my years as a CFL athlete, and I wish it had been offered years ago – it would have saved me substantial time and money! Thanks, Paul!

Travis Lulay

Retired from the CFL prior to the 2019 season and now works as a financial advisor

When I signed my first contract to play in the CFL the last thing I was thinking about was how am I going to transfer my Canadian money to my American account. I did a lot of research on what was the most efficient way while saving as much money as possible. Time & time again I saw that transferring through banks was not the way to go. I finally asked one of the veteran QBs on our team and they informed me about Payline by Ice. When I reached out to Paul for the first time he made it very simple on a step by step basis on what I needed to get and how it needed to be done. The overall guidance from Paul over the years has no doubt saved me a lot of money. I use the online feature which can be accessed from anywhere. The convenience of it is incredible. I log into my account on Payline and Paul has both my accounts already linked up so I choose how much money I want to transfer and usually in under 3 business days I see the money in my American Account. Going on my 7th year in the CFL I have come to realize that without Payline I would have lost thousands of dollars over time, and it still amazes me to this day when I found out that other teammates are not using this method. Every single teammate of mine that I have recommended this program to has thanked me for making something that can be so stressful incredibly easy and a relief because they know they are getting the most out of every dollar transferred.

Cody Fajardo #7

QB, Saskatchewan Roughrider

Paul and Payline have helped me more than ever over the past 3-4 years since the CFL started the affiliation with them. As a financial advisor and someone who pinches pennies, I’ve always looked for the most cost effective ways to transfer my money from Canada back home to the US, and Paul has matched and lowered his rates to make that happen for everyone in the CFL. There are more options now with currency exchange than when I started playing in 2013, but none of the companies offer me their personal cell phone number that I can text at any time to get a transfer done. He also helped me protect my earnings when the time came to buy a home and make large transfers so that I wouldn’t lose out on the fluctuations of the currency markets. Partnerships like this don’t come around too often so it is important for the CFL to take advantage of this benefit.


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